Monster Pack (5 X Exotica Coals)



This product contains 5 x boxes of Exotica Natural Hookah Charcoals (375 pieces total). Stock up and save!

New! The 5 year Anniversary box of Exotica Natural Hookah Coals contain 25 “fingers” scored by three (these can be easily broken off by hand) for at total of 75 pieces. The box has cool alien artwork on it too!

We also have a sample sized 12-piece box available (only $1.50!) if you would like to try them first before purchasing a larger size.

Exotica natural coals are a “square” fingered natural hookah charcoal (they won’t roll off of your bowl!). Long lasting and odorless, these natural coals are perfect for both hookah lounges and personal use alike. Like other naturals coals, these are best lit on a stovetop or charcoal heater and produce a great tasting shisha bowl without any chemical taste.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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